Frequently Asked Questions

We will always try to answer any question you have but, to save you some time, we have compiled answers to some of the more commonly asked questions below…

If you cannot find an answer to your query here or you want more information, please contact us by phone or email and we will be more than happy to assist you.

I forgot to ask my GP for a script last week – do I need to come back in for another appointment?

We understand that this occasionally happens. If your GP has recently reviewed your health and medication needs and is satisfied with your progress, s/he may be happy to provide you with a script renewal outside of an appointment. It may take a few days for your GP to complete your script request, depending on their availability. A great tip is to make sure that you check all your scripts before coming in for an appointment, so that you don’t forget any important medication needs.

I have run out of my medication and I have no scripts left. What should I do?

You must return for another appointment as it is important that your doctor reviews your condition before giving any further prescriptions.

Please be aware that it is important to take note of when your prescription/s will run out and book the appointment before you have no more medication. It is preferred that you make an appointment 1 or 2 weeks before your prescription runs out.
I have a form that my GP needs to complete – do I need to make an appointment?

Yes, completing forms takes time and often involves your GP reviewing your health and health information. If you have a form that needs completing please be sure to make an appointment and let reception know what the form is for, so that they can book the most suitable appointment for you.

Why do I need to make an appointment if I am not sick and only need a script or referral?

Managing patient health involves much more than just face-to-face consultations. When your GP is not seeing patients they are returning phone calls, completing paperwork, reading letters from specialists, reviewing pathology and imaging results, writing reports for insurance companies and keeping up-to-date with clinical information. Requests for scripts, referrals or completion of forms takes time on top of an already busy day. We ask that you respect your GP’s time and make an appointment for anything you need, whenever possible.

I’m not sure how urgent my needs are.

If you think you are unwell but are not sure whether you should be seen urgently or not, please call us and give us as much information as possible about your health concern. Our reception staff are trained in triage and will help you to determine whether you need an urgent appointment or not. If more assistance is required, one of our nurses will be able to help.